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Cannabis Research Class: Final Event

Presentation of on year's research on horticultural, medicinal & nutritional, as well as socio-economic aspects of Cannabis


Fri., Mar. 26, 2021
10:00am - 11:45am


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Medicines, dietary supplements, teas, care products, … and much more can be derived from cannabis. In Germany, the plant’s diverse potential is only slowly being rediscovered but is often associated with stigma and prejudice.

The Cannabis Research Class at the Humboldt-Universität in Berlin looked for two semesters into the cultivation, medicinal and nutrition-related effects and legalization of cannabis and will present its research results in their final presentation.



Abourt the Cannabis Research Class

The Humboldt Theme Class is a format of the Deutschlandstipendium developed by Humboldt-Universität in 2013 to promote and develop the scientific personalities of students. The first interdisciplinary Humboldt Theme Class “Cannabis Research Class” is supported by Aurora Europe. The thematic class is based at the Albrecht Daniel Thaer Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences of the Faculty of Life Sciences and works closely with the Institutes of Biology and Psychology.

Further information

Organizer: Cannabis Research Class


Stellan Zytur
Phone: 030 2093 12725