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Event Series: 6th International Symposium on Phenomenological Research in Education

Realities - Phenomenological and Pedagogical Perspectives

International Symposium on Phenomenological Research


Thu., Sep. 15, 2022 09:00am -
Sat., Sep. 17, 2022 2:00pm


Luisenstraße 56 (Haus 1).Institutsgebäude (Haus 1)


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Figure: Department of General Pedagogy

The experiences during the Corona pandemic have made it clear that the relationship between sciences, life-worlds as well as social and political realities is uncertain and ambivalent to the extent that we can speak of a crisis of reality or realities.

The questions as to what is real, what is given, what is evident,  and what is true are among the key problems of phenomenology or rather of the phenomenon (the question of what shows itself or how it shows itself to us). Those questions of the constitution of reality are closely connected to the concept of experience, field-theoretically connected to the concept of life-world

Those questions also apply to phenomenological pedagogy, which is theoretically, methodologically, and practically concerned with the constitution of realities within the experiences of learning, Bildung, and education as well as with the subjects and materialities, and their media in pedagogical institutions.


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Organizer: Department of General Pedagogy
Scientific director: Prof. Dr. Malte Brinkmann, Johannes Türstig, Martin Weber-Spanknebel

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Cosima Fanselow
Phone: 030 2093 - 66960


Luisenstraße 56 (Haus 1).Institutsgebäude (Haus 1)