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Event Series: Cooperation event of the Centre for Rural Development (SLE) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation (hbs)
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Development Policy Discussion Days (DPDD)

Conservation at what Price? Bridging the Gap between Wildlife Protection and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa


Tue., May 28, 2024
10:00am - 0:00pm


EPDT 2024

After decades of dramatic decline, the population of some flagship species has slightly increased in sub-Saharan African countries. In this region of high biodiversity significance, wildlife protection constitutes a main leverage for local economic
development through wildlife-based tourism. Further, it contributes to meeting the 2030 targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity. In this context, international donors and NGOs are largely financing and implementing wildlife conservation measures.

However, as nature reserves are expanding and being increasingly protected, they sometimes come with the risk of land use conflicts and human rights violations against indigenous people and local communities. While profits are being generated, local communities often benefit little. Instead, they are confronted with eviction and the growing militarization of conservation.

Against this backdrop, the following questions arise:

  • What are the economic, social as well as environmental costs and benefits of current conservation strategies?
  • What role does German international cooperation play in reinforcing or preventing local land use conflicts?
  • How can ownership over nature conservation be encouraged among the indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC)?

Further information

Organizer: Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung (SLE)
Moderation: 62. Jahrgang des SLE-Postgraduiertenprogramms & Stipendiat*innen der hbs

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Tina Walther (Koordination EPDT 2024)
Phone: (030) 2093-46879